Unique Publications

May 2014:  A submission to the “Ordinary Guru” contest led to my first radio-blog interview ever with Rob White, a New York Times best-selling author and lecturer, who also hosts his own talk show on WROAR Radio. It was a great experience, even though I was “excited to be anxious!

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August 2013: What is known as the “front page of the internet!”  reddit is a social news and entertainment website that gathers top trending links from the internet and organizes them all in one place for people to vote on.  Though once posted at http://now.msn.com/folded-laundry-on-reddit-illustrates-scientific-point, the link is now gone.

Disproving the Law of Infinite Probability with clothes folded neatly after tumbling dry

Disproving the Law of Infinite Probability

It read:

“Quantum physicists owe a debt to Reddit user smokeyraven for disproving the law of infinite probability once and for all. According to that now-laughable law, given infinite probability it would be possible to one day open the dryer and find all the clothes had tumbled and folded themselves, then placed themselves into perfect stacks. Clearly that would never happen, even if a million clothes tumbled dry for a million years. If you’re looking for some certainty in the laws that govern laundry, we can tell you this for sure: No matter how many socks you have, at some point between laundry days, you will not have a single pair of matching socks.”

Who is SmokeyRaven?  An alt-ego of Jake Teeny!


July 2006:  screen shot of Jake Teeny as Bully #2 in Addison's Wall movie trailerAddison’s Wall is the story of “a traumatized, nine year old boy, who, refusing to speak, creates a world of his own where fiction and reality blend in dark and dangerous ways.”  Filmed in Portland, Oregon in 2006, I had the role of “Bully #2.”  And much to my mother’s chagrin, my singular line was to the title actor calling him  “bitch.”  If this is not a unique publication, I’m not sure what would be.