jakeselfportrait2007b Jake Teeny received a B.S. in psychology and a B.A. in philosophy from Santa Clara University, as well as a M.A. in social psychology from Ohio State University, where he now pursues a PhD. Since 2013, Jake has published over 20 short stories, appearing in literary magazines like the Saturday Evening Post as well as placing in nationally renowned competitions like Short Story America. As well, he has written various stage and screenplays that have been selected by over half a dozen different national and international competitions.

In addition to his fiction publications, Jake also conducts research on the psychology of persuasion, having published a chapter on the topic in an international handbook on marketing. Furthermore, he writes for the national psychology organization, Noba, where he reviews and copy edits different modules for the organization and has written his own original module there: States of Consciousness.

For the past five years, Jake has also written a weekly blog, “Everyday Psych,” where he discusses fascinating findings from social psychology as well as the philosophical implications behind them–all penned with his dry perspective on life.

In his spare time (wait, that’s a thing?), he likes to box, drink fancy beers he really can’t distinguish, tap dance down grocery aisles, and respond to his mother’s emails (well, she likes that last one more than he does). You can reach Jake in the message box below, or on any of his social media sites:





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