My approach to teaching has always been inseparable from my love for storytelling. In the history of humans, all knowledge used to be passed along orally, through stories, and there was practicality in this: stories are entertaining to learn and easy to recall. Today, though, the idea of incorporating facts into narratives often seems heretical; however, in truth, human curiosity is nothing more than the drive to learn the story of us—who we are, what’s around us, why we’re here.

When I teach, then, I do so through anecdotes from my own life and concrete examples my students have likely experienced. Rather than motivating learning through grades or tests, I strive to make students interested in the material itself, finding applicability and value in whatever we are discussing. Thus, using a combination of in-class activities, student discussion, and engaging narrative examples, I aim to teach the content of the class in a way that inspires students to apply what they’ve learned to their future lives and ambitions.


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Ohio State University (2015 – )

Social Psychology & Writing (Fall 2015)

  • Served as the teacher on record for an undergraduate classroom of 30 students
  • Designed and presented the lectures, tests, and assignments for a semester-long course on social psychology and the fundamentals of writing
  • Held weekly office hours and provided in-depth feedback on essay composition

Jake Teeny teaching in a Psychology Tie 2015

Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI)

Overall Evaluation: 5.0 / 5.0 ; OSU Average: 4.3 / 5.0


“One of the best classes in OSU (and the best instructor as well!) I don’t know learning Social Psych was that fun! Keep it up Jake. Like the slides show. They were all stimulating and nice to see, and easy to understand. The paper was tough but it is fair. I learned a lot from this class. Thank you for being a great teacher.”

“Great instructor and really went out of his way to teach in a more exciting/interesting way.”

“You should teach more, you’re pretty good at it.”

“I would have to say that Jake has been one of the best professors I have had. He is funny and provided examples that make everything understandable. He is tough on papers (which is good) but he was always prepared for class, excited to teach, and taught the class in a very intellectually stimulating way that always kept me interested.”

“Jake is the bomb. One of my fave instructors, better than a lot of professors I’ve had.”



Daybreak Youth Services (2012 – 2013) Personal Tutor; Classroom Aide

  • Personally tutored boys ages 13-18 at an in-patient facility for youths with drug or alcohol dependence issues
  • Helped to academically prepare students to test for their GED
  • Assisted in prepping and teaching a classroom of 10 – 20 boys on various subjects covered in high school

Gallagher Learning Center (2009 – 2010)  Professional Tutor

  • Privately tutored students (grades 1st – 12th) in all subjects (e.g., English, math, social sciences, etc.)
  • Taught a bi-weekly class of 10 to 15 eighth graders, preparing them for their high school entrance exams
  • Designed and taught a curriculum for Algebra I to middle school students