Below is a list of awards, published work and conference presentations on research Jake has either personally conducted or reviewed. For a complete list of his research and psychological work, click here to view his CV.  To see his profile of research interests, visit his page at OSU here.Jake wins 1st place Business Competition


2017 Colloquium Co-Chair, Ohio State University*

2017 Hayes Research Competition – Business – (1st Place)

2016 Spring Graduate Student Research Forum – (3rd Place)

2016 Hayes Research Competition – Business – (1st Place)

2015 Hayes Research Competition – Social & Behavioral Sciences – (4th Place)

2014 The Ohio State University Graduate Fellowship (2013-2014)

2012 Psychology Academic Excellence Award, Santa Clara University

2012 Philosophy Sourisseau Award, Santa Clara University

2011 Hackworth Fellowship for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara University

*awarded to the student most distinguished in research, teaching, and service


Zunick, P., Teeny, J., & Fazio, R. (invited revision). Are some attitudes more self-defining than others? Assessing self-related attitude functions and their consequences. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Petty, R. E., Briñol, P., Teeny, J., & Horcajo, J. (in press). The elaboration likelihood model: Implications of elaboration and validation for sport psychology. In J. Dimmock & B. Jackson (Eds.). Persuasion and Communication in Sport and Physical Activity. Routledge: University of Wolverhampton, UK

Teeny, J., Briñol, P., & Petty, R. E. (2017). The elaboration likelihood model: Understanding consumer attitude change. In C. Jansson-Boyd & M. Zawisza (Eds.). International handbook of consumer psychology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.



Teeny, J. & Petty, R. (2017) Do you wait to advocate?: Lay theories of attitudinal bases and type of advocacy intention. Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference, San Antonio, TX.Do you wait to advocate presentation by Jake Teeny

Teeny, J. & Petty, R. (2016). Advocating Hedonic versus Utilitarian Objects after Positive and Negative Experiences. Talk presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, IL.

Teeny, J. & Petty, R. (2016) Word-of-mouth: Positive and negative experiences with hedonic and utilitarian products. Invitational Hayes Research Forum, Columbus, OH. [1st Place]

Teeny, J. & Petty, R. (2015). Proactive and reactive advocacy: The attitudinal properties that lead to persuasion attempts. The Midwestern Psychological Association Conference, Chicago, IL.

Teeny, J., Luttrell, A., Petty, R., & Brinol, P. (2015). Exploring the antecedents to proselytism: Attitude certainty on willingness to propagate an attitude. Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference, Long Beach, CA.

Teeny, J. & Petty, R. (2015) When do people try to convince you of their beliefs?: The differential effects of affect and cognition on two types of advocacy. Invitational Hayes Research Forum, Columbus, OH. [awarded 4th place]

Teeny, J., Luttrell, A. & Petty, R. (2014). Believe what I believe!: Correctness and clarity as two paths to proselytism. Attitudes and Social Influence Conference, Catalina, CA

Zigterman, J., Teeny, J., Bercovitz, K. & Simone P. (2012). The effects of distributed practice on older and younger adults. Western Psychological Association, Burlingame, CA

Bercovitz, K., Zigterman, J., Teeny, J. & Bell M. (2011). Comparative memory retention in am/pm twelve-hour delay. Western Psychological Conference, Moraga, CA


Teeny, J. D. (Writer/Producer) & Oliveto, B. (Director). (2015) Persuasion [Motion Picture]. USA: Noba Psychology Film Competition, Awarded 2nd place.


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Noba is a non-profit organization founded by Ed and Carol Diener with the intention of re-imagining higher education for students and professors. The organization focuses on providing free resources for the topic of psychology, offering a variety of powerpoints, subject modules, and practice quizzes to help make psychological knowledge available to students of all backgrounds. Much of Noba’s text and program components have been written by top tier researchers in the field and cover a broad array of topics.

For the Noba team, I wrote a short piece titled, “The Fear of Looking Stupid in Class — And How to Get Past It.” Using fundamental research from social psychology, I discussed why this fear about speaking up in class is exaggerated, and a few ways people can work to reduce it. The piece was published in their June newsletter, which has a circulation of over 8,000 students.

Biswas-Diener, R. & Teeny, J. (2015). States of consciousness. Noba’s Introduction to Psychology.


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Resisting Persuasion: How to Say No to Anyone [Audio]