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2/2016The Back of Stars: A tale which considers the theory of infinite universes and what it would mean to fall in love with a woman who scifijournaldoesn’t live within your own.

sat-evn-post1/2016Welcoming Death: If you died, would you be able to pass Death’s tests for another shot at living?

12/2015: Firing Myself: The short, humorous piece is about exactly what the title describes: How can this average narrator get himself spectacularly fired?

10/2015: The Price of Life: In a futuristic world, the impoverished are forced to compete on a game show in which they must choose between life and wealth–neither being the better option.

7/2015: Along It Came. Will humanity live? Will the aliens conquer? Are the two compatible?

8/2014The Favor: A seemingly innocent teacher, Mr. Jackson, who, while patrolling his grade school’s recess time, is approached by a strange man with an even stranger proposition.

6/2014: Recalling the Cold: Set during World War II in a prisoner of war camp, three American soldiers, isolated from the rest of the camp, are tortured daily. One morning, however, along with their breakfast, comes a pistol with a single bullet. Uncertain who gave it to them and for what reason, the three men must decide what to do with it—or more courageously, what not to do with it.

higs9/2013Dreamluxe FR-970 Computer Chair Assembly Manual: A satirical, twenty-step process on how to put together an “out of the box” computer chair.

8/2013:  A Kiss from the Moon: Hear me read this romance story inspired by one of my favorite short stories of all time, Long Walk to Forever by Kurt Vonnegut.

7/2013:   As Evening Descends: Set in the 1970s, a man is out hunting in the forest one evening when a Greyhound bus all of a sudden drives wildly up an old logging road and crashes. Flabbergasted, the narrator approaches the bus and helps the survivors back to his cabin. But when he wakes up the next morning, his concern is no longer just the long hike to the ranger’s station: the survivors seem to have disappeared.suspense-mag

2/2013:  Reflections: (on page 50) A psychological thriller set in the tumbleweeds of New Mexico.

2/2013:  The Magic of a New Suit: The story of what happens to Dennis O’Connor when he alters the clothes he wears in a most unusual way.