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My love for psychology began in the sixth grade when my science fair project was banned from the competition. After collecting weeks of research on my neighbors—monitoring when they left and returned home, sneaking into their backyard to take notes on conversations and investigate their garbage—I had finally collected enough evidence to scientifically assert why they were so weird.Jake Teeny in front of demo board psychology conference 2016

After presenting this data to my middle school science teacher, though, he insisted I delete the research immediately. However, he did explain that my true interest was the study of psychology.

Since then, there wasn’t a Christmas list that didn’t request one psychology text or another, and when I settled on my undergraduate institution, the strength of its psychology program (and that beautiful California sun) determined my selection. And after graduating with the top grade in the psychology program, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the nation’s number one research institution for social psychology, The Ohio State University.

All along, my research interests have revolved around social influence, that is, the psychological determinants of what causes someone to change or adjust their opinions or behavior. As an advocate of social justice, I have always been driven by how we can prompt people to improve society. Thus, my current line of research focuses just on this: when and why will people try to convince others of their beliefs?

In graduate school, I have explored this question from a number of angles, but particularly, I have focused on the cognitive underpinnings that influence such behavior. For example, my research has examined how underlying emotions or cognitions encourage people to advocate; how physiological arousal can shape the type of advocacy we engage in; and how different goals for the advocacy attempt can influence the attempt itself.

In addition to my studies in social psychology, I also work with professors in the marketing department, applying my knowledge and research to understanding consumer behavior, particularly, word-of-mouth, or when and why people advocate the products and service experiences that they do.

For proof that I actually do research at OSU, you can follow this link here; however, below you will find a list of my research interests as well as the social psychology and marketing faculty I have been fortunate enough to work with:

Research Interests:

  • Advocacy
  • Attitude formation
  • Attitude change
  • Self-persuasion
  • Meta-cognition
  • Expectations and experiences
  • Morality


Social Psychology Faculty

Dr. Richard Petty
Dr. Pablo Briñol
Dr. Russ Fazio
Dr. Duane Wegener

Marketing and Consumer Behavior Faculty

Dr. Rao Unnava
Dr. Xiaoyan Deng